Soil balancing

  1. Dr. Christine Sprunger, Ohio State

    Videos on Soil Health and Management Topics

    Apr 1, 2019

    Recordings are available from the 27th Annual Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference, held in Ada, Ohio, in March 2019. This two-day event brought together speakers in a variety of subject areas including cover crops, practices that effect soil health, soil balancing, beneficial insects, and more. Read more.  

  2. Ohio State's Matthew Kleinhenz, moderator for upcoming Soil Balancing events

    Soil Balancing Call-in Conversations Available Fall 2018

    Sep 21, 2018

    A series of three Conference Call-in events on Soil Balancing are scheduled this fall: October 17, November 14, and December 12. Each event will bring together a panel of farmers, growers, agricultural advisors, and researchers to share their perspectives and experiences. Those with an interest in this topic may call in to listen to the conversation and to contribute questions or comments of their own. 

    Soil Balancing is an approach to soil management which is practiced widely by organic farmers, but is relatively untested by research. A multidisciplinary team at Ohio State is working to develop a more complete and widely shared understanding of soil balancing. Efforts include documenting effects on crops and soils when soil balancing is used, and gathering insight on the ways soil balancing is understood and practiced among researchers, farmers, and consultants.

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  3. Andrea Leiva Soto with her advisor, Dr. Doug Doohan, highlighting key findings and facilitating discussion with participants on an organic vegetable on-farm trial. Photo Credit: Stephanie Short

    Reverse Field Tour Engages Stakeholders in Soil Health Research

    Sep 18, 2018

    Stakeholders played a key role in the reverse field tour held on soil balancinglast month at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) in Wooster, Ohio. The field tour is part of a USDA NIFA funded project to advance understanding of soil balancing methods and outcomes. Read more...