Research Land

Research Land and Facilities

There are 80 acres of certified organic land available to conduct organic research at the Wooster campus of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC).  When not actively involved in research, fields are maintained in four or five year rotations by a dedicated organic farm manager and farm staff.  The OFFER program has its own equipment devoted to organic production, as well as 3400 bu of dedicated grain storage for organic crops.

West and East Badger Farms  

West and East Badger Farms house the agronomic crop studies and include about 57 acres of organic land.  The farms are located on opposite sides of Apple Creek Road between Apple Creek and Wooster. West Badger Farm is the site of a decommissioned swine unit. As a result of years of swine manure application, P and K levels are high in some fields. 

Fry Farm

Fry Farm, located off Oil City Road between US 250 and Secrest Roads near Wooster, encompasses nearly ten acres of certified organic land for organic vegetable systems research.

Horticultural Farm Unit 1

Organic vegetable production was initiated at Hort Unit 1 when four permanent high tunnel structures were constructed on this one acre site for use in organic vegetable research.

HirzelField3John Hirzel Sustainable Agriculture Farming Systems Research, Agriculture Incubator Foundation

Over 25 acres of land were allocated to sustainable agriculture at this site in northwestern Ohio. The site has been used to establish larger field plots that can be managed using farm-scale equipment as opposed to the smaller research plots that are often necessitated at the Research Station.


Researchers interested in conducting experiments on certified organic land can view farm maps and submit requests through Field Manager.