Below are resources for farmers and researchers interested in organic agriculture. 

Additional resources specific to researchers are available here. 

Organic Certifiers & Stakeholder Organizations

  • OCIA
    Organic Crop Improvement Association
    OCIA offers certification, microgrants, farm tours, news, and more. 
    Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
    OEFFA offers many services including certification, news, educational resources, workshops, farm tours, conferences, and a beginning farmer program. 
  • NOP
    National Organic Program
    Information about organic certification, including a list of all organic certifiers in the nation. 
  • OMRI
    Organic Materials Review Institute
    A comprehensive list of materials approved for use in organic agriculture. 
  • ORAO
    Organics Recycling Association of Ohio
    Previously know as the Ohio Compost Association, this nonprofit works to advance organics recycling. The group sponsors educational programs, tours, information exchange, and networking within the industry and with regulatory agencies.  
  • Organic Seed Finder
    Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies
    A searchable database of organic seed sources for field crops, fruits & vegetables, and herbs.
  • Organic Seed Producers Directory
    From the Organic Seed Alliance, seed producers can create a profile to connect with wholesale purchasers.

Funding Opportunities

  • OREI
    Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative
  • Ceres Trust
    Organic Research Initiative
  • SARE 
    Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program

Research & Extension Information

  • eOrganic
    The organic agriculture community of practice with eXtension
  • USDA CRIS site
    Current Research Information Systems - a searchable database of current USDA-NIFA research projects
    Ohio composting and Manure Management (OCAMM)
  • AMP
    Agroecosystems Management Program
  • SFI
    Small Farm Institute
  • Ohio Farm Office
    Provides information for agricultural producers and land owners on agricultural law, taxation, production economics and farm management.

Educational Materials

  • Ohio State Facts Sheets
    A list of OSU Fact Sheets that apply to organic farming
  • eOrganic
    The organic agriculture community of practice with eXtension
    National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
  • SARE
    Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
  • OFRF
    Organic Farming Research Foundation
  • The Idea Farm Network
    Based in Illinois, this group's mission is to catalyze ideas and approaches that balance farm productivity, profitability, and environmental health. Field days and discussions groups are offered. 

Organic Supply Resources


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