weed research on Ohio State organic field

Researchers in a variety of disciplines at Ohio State's OARDC (Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center) are studying concerns applicable to organic growers of vegetables and field crops. Station research includes grains, vegetables and fruits, cover crops, soil quality, weed control, tillage, variety trials, fertility, and rotation studies. Research and extension efforts rely on partners in the field and industry. Below are a few of our current research projects and teams.  

Soil Balancing Team

The Ohio State University Soil Balancing Research Team is a cross-disciplinary group studying the short-term and long-term effects of cation balancing on agroecosystems, as well as its use among farmers, and past research on the topic. The team hopes to document effects of soil balancing on yield, profitability, soil structure and chemistry, crop quality, and weed populations. Throughout the five-year project, the team has worked with farmers and soil fertility consultants in a two-way sharing of information. Through this study, team members hope to develop a common knowledge-base to better discuss practical and effective soil management in the future. Read more.

Microbial-based Biostimulants(MBBS) and their Use in Commercial Vegetable Production

This research team has created several resources to improve the reliability with which MBBSs are selected, used, and evaluated. You can join the MBBS listserv ( to start, contribute to, or learn from conversations with others interested in these important products. Or check out their online MBBS databases ( and submit feedback on their improvement. MBBS manufacturers, especially, are encouraged to provide links to reports describing the performance of their products. Read more. 

Soil Fertility Lab

Research at the OARDC's Culman Lab strives to address applied questions of soil fertility and nutrient management. We primarily work in agronomic systems and actively engage farmers through on-farm research and extension programing. Current research efforts includes updating fertilizer recommendations, product testing, creating better soil tests that measure overall soil health, methods for building and measuring organic material, organic weed management. The OARDC includes several organic and transitional fields, and a long-term tillage plot site established in 1962. Read more. 

Ecological Weed Management (EWM) Studies

Weed management is one of the biggest challenges in the organic agroecosystem, and a barrier to conventional farmers who desire to transition. The Ohio State EWM team is currently involved in the studying the long-term effectiveness of various ecological weed management strategies and barriers to their adoption. Read more.