Established in 1998, the OFFER program team consists of Ohio State University researchers, Ohio farmers, and other stakeholders who share a goal of enhancing the vitality of organic agriculture in Ohio. This interdisciplinary team works together to develop research initiatives to develop and deliver science-based information to Ohio’s existing organic farmers and to newcomers to organic production and marketing.

Our Mission is to provide research and educational support for producers, processors, and marketers of organic foods with the goal of expanding the abundance, quality, and variety of certified organic foods available to consumers.

Research & Extension Personnel

Over two dozen Ohio State University researchers and Extension personnel actively collaborate to examine each aspect of the organic farming system, from soil and crop quality to marketing opportunities.

Name Department Phone Area of Expertise
Agunga, Robert Human & Community Resource Development 614.292.6321 Communication and social impact assessment of knowledge, attitude and behavior studies related to food and health and lifestyle choices
Cardina, John Horticulture & Crop Science 330.263.3644 Weed ecology; invasive plants
Culman, Steve Environment & Natural Resources 330.263.3787 Soils
Doohan, Doug Horticulture & Crop Science 330.202.3593 Weed ecology, invasive plants, IPM, minor use pesticides
Francis, David Horticulture & Crop Science 330.263.3893 Plant breeding and genetics
Gardiner, Mary Entomology 614.274.8341 Biocontrol and pollination services in vegetable crops
Hall, Denny Ohio BioProducts Innovation Center (OBIC) 614.292.4188 Commercial linkages
Hogan, Mike OSU Extension 740.264-2212 Agriculture and natural resources
Hoy, Casey Agroecosystems Management Program /Entomology 330.263.3611 Systems analysis and quantitative ecology, agroecosystems management
Islam, K. Rafiq OSU South Centers 614.292.4900 Ext 147 Soil quality and best managemet practices, Cover crops and nutrient management, Global warming and carbon sequestration
Klompen, Hans Entomology 614.292.7180 Systematics and evolution of mites
Kleinhenz, Matt Horticulture & Crop Science 330.263.3810 Vegetable physiology, production, quality, cultural and cropping system management and extension
LeJeune, DVM PhD, Jeffrey Food Animal Health Research Program 330.263.3739 Veterinary epidemiology and bacteriology; pre-harvest control of foodborne diseases; antibiotic resistance related to agriculture; molecular mechanisms of E. coli O157
Lewandowski, Rory OSU Extension 330.264.8722 Agriculture and natural resources
Lilburn, Michael Animal Sciences 330.263.3992 Poultry nutrition, Nutritional physiology
McCutcheon, Jeff OSU Extension 419.947.1070 Agriculture and natural resources
Michel, Fred Food, Agricultural & Biological Engineering 330.263.3859 Composting, Microbial ecology, Biological process engineering, Cellulosic ethanol pretreatment, Corn ethanol process, fermentation
Miller, Sally Plant Pathology 330.263.3678 Vegetable diseases, Vegetable diagnostic tech
Mills-Wasniak, Suzanne OSU Extension 937.224.9654 Agriculture and natural resources; commercial agriculture
Phelan, Larry Entomology 330.263.3728 Chemical ecology, metabolomics, insect-plant interactions, biological farming
Rajala-Schultz, Paivi Veterinary Preventive Medicine 614.688.0457 Dairy production medicine and epidemiology of dairy cattle diseases; bovine mastitis
Regnier, Emilie Horticulture & Crop Science 614.292.8497 Weed Ecology
Roe, Brian Agric Environmental & Devlp Econ 614.688.5777 Livestock Economics & Experimental Economics
Schuenemann, Gustavo Veterinary Preventive Medicine 614.292.6924 Dairy herd fertility, airy records and reproductive management
Sharp, Jeff School of Environmental & Natural Resources 614.292.9410 Rural Sociology, Sociology of Agriculture, Exurban Community Change, Agricultural Change at the Rural-Urban Interface, Energy and Society
Sneller, Clay Horticulture & Crop Science 330.263.3944 Wheat breeding and genetics
Sundermeier, Alan OSU Extension 419.354.9050 Organic grain production
Thomison, Peter Horticulture & Crop Science 614.292.6373 Corn (field/general), Corn production
Vodovotz, Yael Food Science and Technology 614.247.7696 Physico-chemical and molecular properties of foods during formulation, processing and storage
Wang, Hua Food Science & Technology 614.292.6281 Food safety; rapid detection, biofilms, commensal bacteria, antibiotic resistance, gut microbiota
Welty, Celeste Entomology 614.292.2803 Biology and management of vegetable and fruit pests



Ohio farmer stakeholders catalyzed the development and continue to actively support the OFFER program. These stakeholders, along with the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) provide substantial input into the program’s activities, including the development and implementation of research projects and educational programming.