2024 Organic Grains Conference Content

Steve Turnow's magnificent organic sunflower field

OSU Organic Grains Conference 
Thursday, January 4, 2024

General Session #1 Farmer speaker “My Organic Grain Journey”
Klaas Martens, organic farmer, Penn Yan, NY 

General Session #2 “Alternative Weed Management Strategies”
Eugene Law, OSU 

Breakout Session #1 “High Tech for Organic Grain” 
Moderator: Grant Davis, OSUE; Panelists: William Lundborg, Derik Geitgey, Travis Morris, Eric Schuler 

Breakout Session #2 “Economic Performance of Organic Farms in Midwest” 
Gigi DiGiacomo, University of Minnesota and Eric Richer, OSU 
Video Recording      Slidedeck      DiGiacomo Handouts 
Richer Handouts: Organic Enterprise Budgets can now be accessed at the Farm Office website. 

Breakout Session #3 “Rotations for Nutrient Cycling”
Léa Vereecke, Rodale 

Breakout Session #4 “Preparing for an Organic Inspection” 
David Baldock, Global Organic Alliance 
Sound Recording

Breakout Session #5 “Side Dressing Manure and Utilizing Compost to Provide Organic Nutrient Needs” 
Glen Arnold and Eric Richer, OSUE 

Breakout Session #6 “Ohio State Organic Research Briefs:”
Kernza Research- Leo Deiss; Integrating Crops and Livestock for Soil Health- Doug Jackson-Smith; Feed Value of Cover Crops - Al Gahler 

Thursday, January 4, 2024

General Session #3 “Panel: Innovative Weed Control Strategies” 
Moderator: Alyssa Essman, OSU; Farmer Panelists: Eli Dean (OH), Caleb Johnson (PA), Peter Martens (NY) 

General Session #4 “Ohio Soil Health and Lessons Learned from Organic Farms” 
Steve Culman, WSU 
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Breakout Session #7 “Organic Grain Market Outlook and Integrity” 
Lynn Clarkson, Clarkson Grain Co. (IL) 
Video Recording      Slidedeck

Breakout Session #8 “Parallel production during transition” 
Edward & Rebecca Dalton (OH)

General Session #5 “Panel: ROI of Biological Products”
Moderator: Osler Ortez;
Panelists: Scott Myers (OH), Steve Turnow (OH), and Matt Kleinhenz (OSU) 

Video Recording      Slidedeck

Breakout Session #9 “Organic Oats for Grain and Forage and Interseeding Cover Crops”
Ryan Haden, OSU 
Video Recording      Slidedeck- Organic Oats Trials      Slidedeck- Cover Crop Trials

Breakout #10 “Adaptive Management for Organic No-Till Soybeans” 
Léa Vereecke, Rodale