Ohio Organic Farmer Research Network Monthly Meeting Topics

Upcoming Meeting Topics

Thursday, December 7, 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. Eastern Time
Ohio Organic Farmer Researcher Network: Reflection and Planning Meeting

If you have an interest in our network’s future, please join us to reflect on our activities to date and discuss next steps. Help us determine the best ways to foster more farmer leadership in our group, choose the best format or steps to move on-farm research ideas forward, and plan activities or partnerships that can support this development. (This meeting will not be recorded, but notes will be posted and shared.)

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Connection Details

Farmers, educators, researchers, and other interested individuals are welcome to join us on the first Thursday of each month to discuss a variety of topics related to organic production research. If you have questions or ideas, please contact one of our group leaders: Johnnie Speicher (OEFFA), Denise Natoli Brooks (Central State University), or Cassy Brown (Ohio State). 


For more information https://cris.nifa.usda.gov/cgi-bin/starfinder/0?path=fastlink1.txt&id=anon&pass=&search=R=100400&format=WEBFMT6NT

Learn more about this network at offer.osu.edu/oofrn.

Past Meeting Topics & Links to Recordings

November 2, 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. Eastern Time
Ohio Organic Farmer Researcher Network: Extending the Season, Extending the Green

The November OFRN meeting will feature our network’s new co-leader Johnnie Speicher from OEFFA. Johnnie is a Sustainable Agriculture Educator at OEFFA where he answers questions from planting to paperwork. But his past includes graduate research on season extension in high tunnel systems. Johnnie’s research at Ohio State examined the use of soil heating cables and different coverings to impact the crop micro-environment in a high tunnel vegetable system. Join us on November 2 at noon to hear Johnnie share research lessons from his master’s studies and how they apply to his work today.  

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September 7, 2023 - noon to 1 p.m. Eastern Time – Beth Nelson, SARE
SARE Grant Programs: Tips and Insights to Pitching a Proposal

North Central SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education) offers several grant programs to strengthen communities, increase producers’ economic viability, and improve the environment through research and education. Active calls include a Research and Education Grant, Partnership Grant, Youth Educator Grant, and Farmer Rancher Grant programs. Depending on the program, farmers can apply for these grants by themselves, in partnership with other farms and businesses, or in collaboration with non-profit institutions. Beth will walk us through these opportunities, describe the selection process, and share helpful resources, common mistakes to avoid, and strategies for writing a strong proposal. Learn more about SARE grants at https://northcentral.sare.org/ and bring your questions to our Sept 7 meeting.

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August 3, 2023 - noon to 1 p.m. Eastern Time – Kathy Bielek, Misty Oaks Farm
Resistance is not Futile: Collaborative Research on Breeding Parasite Resistance in Sheep

The goal at Misty Oaks Farm in Wooster, Ohio, is to produce hardy, healthy, productive, and parasite-resistant Katahdin sheep that thrive in an easy-care, forage-based system. To get there, they have relied on a mix of personal experience and science-based information. With the help of the SARE grant program, other farmers, and advisors from Ohio State and others, as well as tools such as the National Sheep Improvement Program, farm co-owner Kathy Bielek has been involved in research to advance parasite resistance over the last 20 years--diving into gene pools, comparing methods of identifying resistant animals, and leading multiple grants. We’ve asked Kathy to share her insight into project management with diverse partners and with developing a long-term research agenda. Learn more about Misty Oaks Farm and their management strategies at mistyoakskatahdins.com.

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July 2023 
Practical Advice for On-Farm Research from Practical Farmers of Iowa’s Stefan Gailans

The July 6 Ohio Organic Farmer Researcher Network meeting will feature Stefan Gailans from Practical Farmers of Iowa (PFI). Stefan leads PFI’s Cooperators’ Program, where he helps farmers turn their research ideas into relevant and shareable knowledge--similar to the goals of our emerging group! Stefan will share his experience about successful on-farm research. He’ll also talk about the mechanics of the cooperator program, including funding, participation, partnerships, and communications. The PFI Cooperator’s Program was established in 1987 and has helped more than 240 Iowa farmers conduct on-farm research trials that matter to them. Check out some of their projects and the user-friendly display of project details at practicalfarmers.org/research.

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June 2023
Growing lettuce through summer heat: tools and techniques from three years of research

There’s nothing like a crisp summer salad! And nothing like the frustration of keeping salad greens in production as the weather warms up! So “lettuce” learn together as Michelle Nowak walks us through Franklinton Farms summer lettuce and spinach trials. Join us for conversation around successes, failures, and questions from three years of research on attempting (and sometimes succeeding!) to produce lettuce and spinach through summer heat while comparing techniques like interval watering, using shade cloth, and planting in caterpillar tunnels. This research was funded by the OSU Warner Grant for sustainable agriculture.

Franklinton Farms is an urban farm operating year-round in Columbus, Ohio, with production at 12 sites. Learn more at https://franklintonfarms.org/

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April 2023
Tools for Answering the Endless Question, Am I Winning at Pest Control?

Integrated Pest Management runs in the family for Frank Becker. He has spent years assisting and eventually coordinating the area’s Integrated Pest Management Program, a popular scouting program which was previously led by his father Ron Becker. Now serving as the OSU Wayne County Ag and Natural Resources educator, Frank has offered to share the nuts and bolts of pest scouting with us, and techniques that might help us evaluate if our control tactics are making a difference. Frank has formal training in sustainable agriculture and agronomy and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in plant health management. He also has countless hours of field scouting and conversation with farmers and growers of many kinds. Please plan to join us and bring your questions!

Read more about Frank at https://wayne.osu.edu/news/frank-becker-hired-new-anr-educator-wayne-county

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March 2023
Blue Owl Hollow vs. Ailanthus altissima: Lessons from the Fray

When Janell Baran and her husband purchased their forest farm property in the late 1990s, it came with some unwelcome guests: large infestations of invasive woody plants such as Ailanthus (aka Tree-of-Heaven), Japanese barberry, Oriental bittersweet, and multiflora rose. Using a 2007 SARE Farmer-Rancher grant, she trialed non-chemical control measures to be used particularly on Ailanthus altissima. Her research has even more relevance today, as Ailanthus is the primary host species for the destructive spotted lanternfly which is beginning to infiltrate Ohio counties. Janell’s innovative research included not only successful control methods for Ailanthus, but an investigation into using it as a possible farm revenue source at the same time. Janell will outline her research planning process, including partnerships, obstacles, successes, regrets, next steps, and advice for others thinking of applying for a project grant. Please plan to join us and bring your questions!

Read more about Janell’s project at  https://projects.sare.org/sare_project/fnc07-670/

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February 2023
Climate Resilient Silvopasture Project in Ross County

Animal heat stress stands to become a more common problem as our average temperatures and weather extremes increase. Charlie Eselgroth, an organic dairy farmer in Ross County, Ohio, has been working with Rural Action to add trees and raised solar panels to his pasture land. The trees are intended to create shaded grazing areas that can be used on a rotational basis for relief from heat stress and to provide additional feed. This project is in its early stages. It’s being done in conjunction with Organic Valley dairy cooperatives new carbon insetting program. We’d love to share discussion about this project with our group of farmers, educators, and researchers. Please bring your questions, ideas, and resources and join the Rural Action team in collaborative learning and thinking on February 2.

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January 2023
Choosing and Evaluating Organic Seed Varieties to Meet your Market Needs: Grower Panel & Discussion

We have selected a small but varied panel of Ohio produce professionals to discuss their selection process and priorities, including how variety selection relates to marketing and sales, labor, and other resources. Please join us to hear from our panel, followed by farmer-led discussion about what motivates us to choose certain seeds varieties and how we decide where/how to source them. The primary focus will be on organic vegetable varieties that perform well in Ohio.

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December 2022
Hirzel Cover Crop Trial Update

Field notes and discussion on the cover crop trial being done collaboratively between Hirzel Farms and Ohio State.

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November 2022
Ohio Organic Farmer Network Planning Meeting

NOSB Meeting Highlights, Review of SARE grant/workshop project idea.

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August 2022
Discussion on Hirzel Cover Crop Trial

Hirzel Farms has begun an on-farm cover crop trial on 3 fields -- one organic field and 2 that are being transitioned to organic. In this video, Ohio farmers, agricultural educators, and researchers discuss the trial and suggestions for measuring the results. Background on the project is available at https://offer.osu.edu/news/input-sought-farm-cover-crop-trial.

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