Ohio Organic Farmer Research Network

Curious mind?

Join other curious minds in the Organic Farmer Researcher Network

The Organic Farmer Researcher Network is a growing group of organic and transitioning farmers, agricultural professionals, and researchers who meet regularly to discuss emerging issues, possible projects, and recent or ongoing research. Our group is collaboratively facilitated by staff at OEFFA, Ohio State, and Central State universities, but is intended to be farmer-focused and farmer-led. Participation is open to anyone with an interest.

Our Goals:

  • Identify farmer-led research questions and resources to help answer them. 
  • Create partnerships and specific projects to combine the unique knowledge of farmers and institutional researchers.
  • Share research results more effectively.
  • Develop a research agenda specific the Ohio organic farming sector.

Opportunities to Join Us

  • Online Meetings
  • In-Person Events
    We host workshops throughout the year in partnership with various farming events. Join us to develop your research questions and the partnerships, ideas, and resources to get them answered.  There is no cost to attend these events and a meal will be provided. Thanks to a USDA OREI grant, a limited number of participant stipends are available to defray costs of attending (childcare, additional farm labor, travel costs, etc.). Paperwork for stipends will be available at events as noted below. 
    • OEFFA Conference Food and Farm School, February 15, 2024 10am-3:30pm at Cherry Valley Hotel and Ohio Events Center in Newark, Ohio. This is an all day session, so come prepared to really dig into discussion! We will have a morning session for brainstorming new ideas and an afternoon session to further develop some of the existing ideas from our workshops at the 2023 OEFFA Conference, the 2023 Black Farming Conference, the 2024 Ohio State Organic Grains Conference. Registrants are welcome to attend morning, afternoon, or both. 

      There is a small fee for this event which will also cover OEFFA Conference sessions and dinner on the evening of February 15. Learn more at https://conference.oeffa.org. Farmer participant stipends are available for this event through a USDA-NIFA grant. 

    • Watch for additional in-person events for brainstorming and networking at existing organic and regenerative farming events and gatherings.

Interested? Please contact one of our group leaders:
Cassy Brown | Ohio State | 330-263-3634 | brown.1844@osu.edu
Johnnie Speicher | OEFFA | 614-947-1647 | johnnie@oeffa.org
Denise Natoli Brooks | Central State | 740-801-0775 | dbrooks@centralstate.edu


For more information https://cris.nifa.usda.gov/cgi-bin/starfinder/0?path=fastlink1.txt&id=anon&pass=&search=R=100400&format=WEBFMT6NT

A group of university staff and farmers discuss possible perennial fruit research topics during the 2023 OEFFA conference. word cloud of questionsReport out of small group discussion

Images from 2023 OEFFA Conference event. Small groups gathered to brainstorm researchable topics in different areas, which were then shared with the group.