Slide Presentations: Is it Important to Manage the Calcium: Magnesium Ratio in Soils?

Soil Balancing Team Presentation 
March 6, 2019 Conservation Tillage Conference in Ada, Ohio 

Below are links to the slide shows from this half-day presentation:

Elephant in the room: Why do so many farmers practice ‘soil balancing’ despite the lack of scientific evidence?
Doug Jackson-Smith, OSU Professor, SENR, and Caroline Brock, OSU Senior Research Associate, SENR
The effects of manipulating Ca:Mg ratios on Ohio crop yields and soil health
Steve Culman, OSU Asst. Professor, SENR, and Will Osterholz , USDA-ARS
Can weeds be managed with calcium amendments?
Doug Doohan, OSU Professor, HCS, and Andrea Leiva Soto, OSU PhD Student, HCS
Gypsum is more than calcium: Summary of Ohio field crop responses to sulfur
Louceline Fleuridor, OSU MS student, HCS
What management practices most influence soil health in corn production?
Christine Sprunger, OSU Asst. Prof, SENR
Return on investment with using Gypsum
Subbu Kumarappan, OSU Assoc. Professor, ATI