Meeting Agenda December 10, 2020, 2-3:30 p.m.

Meeting Agenda 

I Welcome/Introductions

  • Farmer Introductions
  • Ohio State OFFER Introductory Remarks (Cassy Brown)
  • CSU Introductory Remarks (Cindy Folck and Sakthi Kumaran Subburayalu)
  • OEFFA Introductory Remarks (Renee Hunt)

II SARE Proposal Objectives Douglas Jackson-Smith 

III Feedback – small group discussion moderated by Julia Barton, Cassy Brown, and Cathy Herms

Small Group Questions

  1. Do you think this proposal is likely to produce benefits for the organic farming community? For your farm/organization/lab? For you personally?
  2. What would convince you to participate? (These will change with audience) Learning research techniques, answering real on-farm questions, paid involvement, cover materials costs, building relationships, advancing the industry, building new programs/crops/projects. All of these things may have value, but which ones are most important, the most convincing?
  3. What concerns would need to be addressed before you would participate? Privacy, interference with other projects/practices, time commitment, etc.
  4. How useful and/or easy will it be to share "how-to" information on research practices? Are there specific research techniques do you feel are worth sharing?  
  5. What ideas do you have to create more opportunities for researchers to learn about on-farm practices and needs?
  6. What do you think is the best way to share research results (in perfect conditions)? Field days featuring farmers and researchers, short videos, short understandable research summaries, conference presentations, other?
  7. What are other keys to making this network succeed?

IV Reconvene and Share Feedback Notes 

  • What if we don’t get this grant? What steps could we take now to increase collaboration that will benefit the industry?
  • Open Discussion / Next Steps