Two-Day Ohio Compost Operator Education Course

Feb. 20, 2019

Organic growers know the importance of quality compost for improving farm yields and soil health. But compost might also boost farm income as a product offered for sale.

“Every compost producer in the state runs out every year, so there’s definitely a demand,” says Fred Michel, a researcher at The Ohio State University who studies composting.

For those interested in starting or expanding a composting business, Ohio State will offer a two-day educational course on commercial composting, March 27 and 28 at the Wooster campus.

Leaders of the two-day session will discuss the science, economics, regulations, and other logistics of getting started with composting on a commercial scale. While composting is generally a low-tech process (depending on the materials being used) there are important considerations that help make a larger composting operation more productive and profitable.

“There has been a lot of interest in composting food wastes,” Michel notes as an example, “but food waste is too wet and has way too much nitrogen. So you might want to start with yard trimmings -- maybe contract to receive leaves for a few years to get started.”

The course has been held annually since 2001. Registration is open through March 15.  There is a $275 fee to participate, which includes materials, breakfast, and lunch.

See the registration form for more details.


Ohio State Extension is also offering an afternoon workshop on livestock mortality composting, Tuesday, March 12 in Wauseon, Ohio. Details here.